Sridhar Venkatapuram’s Health Justice and Open Lifespan

The following excerpt is the edited second part of the Health and longevity: conceptual twins, separated at birth chapter of my HDCA paper (see slides of my talk) analysing the first proposed central capability I presented in early September at UCL in London. See earlier installations of this study here.

The point of this post is to connect the Open Lifespan project to an already existing approach within the Capability Approach. Here it goes.

Concerning health-centric approaches, there’s a separate strand of literature around health justice within the Capability Approach, where the current discussion is driven by the reception of Sridhar Venkatapuram’s book, Health Justice:An Argument from the Capabilities Approach published in 2011. We abbreviate this approach as CH, adopting Venkatapuram’s own usage, standing for the ‘capability to be healthy’.

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