Quick, inspiring comment from Jens Bartelson

In Celebrate World Philosophy Day: ideas of philosophers helping Open Lifespan I mentioned 5 living philosophers, whose writings I have used so far to develop further the philosophy of Open Lifespan. My selection of the writings I use is sometimes systematic, sometimes accidental but the intention behind evoking contemporary philosophers is to be able to actually engage them to contribute to and provide feedback to this study.

Today I’m glad to share here a one liner from Jens Bartelson, political scientist and political philosopher, whose Visions of World Community inspired The concept and reality of a Longevity World Community post. We have started an email correspondence and he noted that

’its is great to note when my work inspires thought outside my own field’

I just hope that with time Professor Bartelson can provide some actual feedback as I go deeper into utilising his line of study in order to put longevity into the context of contemporary political thinking.