Towards a Grey New Deal: Longevity World Resolution

Ecological thinking and politics had a long way to go, but longevity thinking and politics has an even longer way to go. The good news is that ecological thinking and action provides a template for longevity thinking and action.

Many of us heard about the Green New Deal proposal by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ed Markey & co., dated back this past February, less than a month ago. I doubt that most of those who heard about it, actually read the foundational document. I read it and you can read it here. Technically (legally), it is a resolution.

This Green New Deal document is a trigger and inspiration for me to start working on a foundational document on World Longevity I call the Grey New Deal.

It’s not just grey as in grey hair but more importantly it is grey as in ‘grey area’. It is currently uncertain how far we are going to be able to push human health- and lifespan with the help of biomedical and any other kind of technology. Hence, the prospect is indefinite both as in we might get stuck earlier than expected or we might get much farther away than ever predicted by our best estimations. We just genuinely don’t know. But push we certainly can and will, in every which way.

So I started to write the Grey New Deal document, see earlier, related idea here, but really it should be several committed and knowledgeable members of the existing and growing longevity world community who should be putting together their knowledge and thoughts to come up with a politico-technical action plan. Please note that there’s research needed here to produce a document that is considerate and thorough, yet bold and do not compromise in terms of the goal set. Still it is just going to be a document, and in the lack of a global political address it will be addressed to everybody interested in longevity. And that should be quite several billion people I assume.

In case you would like to participate in doing the research and compiling the document, please email openlifespan at gmail dot com.

The grass is always greener somewhere else, but the hair is always greyer for somebody else.