Capabilities and Open Lifespan proposal for HDCA 2019 Conference accepted

Pleased to announce here that my proposal for the HDCA 2019 Conference has been accepted as a full academic paper. You can read proposal here, and it’s called Capabilities and Open Lifespan; Martha Nussbaum’s problematic first capability concerning the end of a human life of normal length.

One necessary condition for this to happen was Martha Nussbaum’s personal email suggestion to submit a paper. I’m grateful for that.

The proposal was peer reviewed and here’s 3 overall recommendations of the 3 reviewers:

10 – Definitely accept (excellent quality)

08 – Probably accept (very good quality)

08 – Probably accept (very good quality)

The conference takes place in London, in September at UCL, so this makes it very likely that I can attend. Here’s screenshot from email.