Open Lifespan opens up for others too

Antonei Benjamin Csoka is an early wave hardcore life extensionist and scientist, well known in life extensionist circles. He is also an admin of a facebook group dedicated to the topic with more than 1000 members. And I’ve learned today that he has changed the name of the group from ‘Life Extension Science’ to ‘Open Lifespan Institute’.

I’m happy about this as this means that from now on what I’m writing here has a relevance for a real audience over just me crystallising my thoughts around open lifespan mainly for …myself :).  These thoughts are very much in progress and they can only take a finalised, well-argued form through interaction with others. But this attention also means that things will get more political (and less strictly philosophical) due to the expected discussion. Also I’m going to attempt to show some political consequences of the mainly philosophical arguments, for instance arguing why Open Lifespan is definitely not a transhumanist position at all and how it is framing a new position that opens up a space for a different, shall we say more mainstream audience. There’s going to be lots of compatibility checking with some other views as am trying to re-phrase Open Lifespan problematics with the dictionary and concepts of other views.