Daily Effort: Can we build a better self without building a better world?

Our daily today is posing a heavy philosophical question: can we build a better self without building a better world? For understanding the level of this question one needs to take a moral/ethical concept of the self granted. But we don’t need to dig into the depth of the malleability of personal identity, but mostly focus on our narrative, social construct of our selves that is a prime bearer of moral values and changes and agent of moral decisions. And then there’s the ontologically heavy concept of the world but we don’t need a layered structure here. Let just assume our naive world now, a world of humans and an ecosystem maintaining it.

Now consider 2 acts of Phil Connors in Groundhog Day. 1. Phil helps the homeless man. 2. Phil learns to play the piano.

And then ask whether both acts can be considered acts of betterment. Assuming yes, how does that makes the world of Groundhog Day a better world?

Then ask the inverse: can we make a better world without building a better self?

Just to see where I am heading related to Open Lifespan: I think Open Lifespan enables a permanent better self, and that might lead to a better world. But this is a much larger topic than the current effort. 🙂