Open Lifespan Book Draft: building the Life Star, one argument a time

I’m pleased to announce that the first draft of my book in progress, called Open Lifespan, is available under a separate page, Open Lifespan: Book Draft. Let’s say it’s version v0.1, ~24,000 words.

What I’ve done so far here is to compile together the existing posts forming the backbone of the book and figure out a larger structure in terms of bigger domains covered. Right now these domains are the following:

General, introductory philosophy of Open Lifespan.

Open Self and Meaning of Life.

Open Lifespan, Ecology and Object-oriented Ontology.

Moral and political theory.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m also looking for potential publishers and collaborators. If interested, please drop an email to ‘openlifespan at gmail dot com’.