Quick, inspiring comment from Jens Bartelson

In Celebrate World Philosophy Day: ideas of philosophers helping Open Lifespan I mentioned 5 living philosophers, whose writings I have used so far to develop further the philosophy of Open Lifespan. My selection of the writings I use is sometimes systematic, sometimes accidental but the intention behind evoking contemporary philosophers is to be able to actually engage them to contribute to and provide feedback to this study. Continue reading “Quick, inspiring comment from Jens Bartelson”

The concept and reality of a Longevity World Community, reading Jens Bartelson


The immediate focus of this post is to investigate the possibility of a world community centered around longevity. Is there an existing seed of such a community and conceptually what other features make a compelling case for the emergence of an organised Longevity World Community?

The historical apropos is the emergence of such a world-wide longevity community in the last two decades starting in the nineties of the last millennium and the very recent turning of part of this community into a world-wide longevity industry aiming to capitalise on the breakthrough understanding of the biological aging process and interventions counteracting it in order to increase healthy lifespan.

The background context of this mini-study is the question of how longevity can be introduced into politics. One prominent feature of this introduction is informed by the philosophical discussion between Rawls-ian liberalism and its communitarian critics.

The intellectual trigger is Jens Bartelson’s book, called Visions of World Community, published in 2008 by CUP. Continue reading “The concept and reality of a Longevity World Community, reading Jens Bartelson”