How many of us are closer to our death than to our birth?

Have you ever wondered how many of us, still breathing, are closer to our death than to our birth already based on our chronological age & average life expectancy? How many of us can wake up every day knowing most of the time ‘allocated’ is gone?

I’m running a poll on Twitter to get a very rough estimation to figure out this ratio. My way of approaching this is to ask you to calculate this quantity (being closer to one’s death/birth) for yourself and the answer the binary poll so we can get to a a first rough estimation.

All you need to do to participate (assuming you have a Twitter account) is to go here 

  1. and type in your age and gender and then check your ‘Years remaining’ and adjusted ‘Life expectancy’. If the ‘Years remaining’ is less than half of your ‘Life expectancy’ than your expected death is closer, than your birth. If otherwise, your chronological age is closer to your birth date and you have more to live than gone already.
  2. Once you know this please go to this twitter poll of mine and submit the results

Thanks for voting!

Why is this ratio interesting in our context? This ratio might remind everybody interested in longevity to consider how big fraction of our society has already exhausted the majority of the ‘natural time’ allocated to them. And this might help people realise just how big fraction of society lives with this life expectancy-based injustice measure already. And then maybe we can turn this insight into action too.