Open Lifespan & ecological awareness: scaling up to become global humans

I’ve rethought my older post in the light of the dramatic IPCC report on climate change giving humanity a deadline of 2030 to avoid a climate disaster. I think it is important to connect and discuss Open Lifespan in the context of ecological awareness. I saved my earlier hyperobject analysis for another time.

The argument: Humans with Open Lives can act on ecological scales

Imagine the following: you are living potentially not up to 100 years but up to 1000 or 10000 years as a biological being without the accumulated effects of aging related negative processes as Open Healthspan technology lets you to counteract those major declines time to time, resets your physiological age and keeps increasing mortality continuously at bay. In short, you have Open Lifespan and you are living an Open Life.
If your potential lifespan gets so close to the time-scale of many big environmental processes then human ecological awareness might reach a new level as full ecological responsibility can be taken for the things you do. From this point of view Open Healthspan technology can be considered and desired as a mighty enabler of ecological thought as by achieving this aim you get to act on previously unprecedented timescales, you get to act like a fully, environmentally responsible human being. At 1000 year old with a pretty good chance you are going to be amongst the Guardians of the Galaxy. And at 1001 even more so.

What makes humans self-centered is their normal life expectancy built around the externally forced restrictions of the current closed lifespan, not their lives per se. Removing this restriction, breaking out from these narrow limits 10fold, 100fold provides the opportunity to act on the same timescale as global warming for instance. Current life expectancy is a big limiting condition for most of humanity to act on an ecological scale and to face the consequences of those acts on an ecological scale.

The global human can face consequences on ecological scales

So everybody with Open Lifespan gets the chance to be a Global Human. While under a closed lifespan only a small minority of humankind  can come up with decisions on scales to approximate a global human, with Open Lifespan this distribution can drastically change.
A Global Human is living on the tip of the iceberg, so there’s always many times more behind. Instead of death, at any point the main gravity of a Global Human’s life comes from the rest of the iceberg, the long quantities of time and space still out there to be included (see life inclusion). Or there’s a more dynamic analogy than the tip of the iceberg: a Global Human’s local manifestation is the dorsal fin of a huge Orca moving along in the spacetime cone.