Celebrate World Philosophy Day: ideas of philosophers helping Open Lifespan

Let’s celebrate UNESCO’s World Philosophy Day here by listing 6 philosophers (5 still living, 1 dead), whose 6 ideas have been used so far to develop Open Lifespan philosophy further. ‘Ideas’ are meant broadly here including concepts, arguments, theses, all the logical units used by philosophical discussions. Below a quick intro to these philosophers with the particular relevant idea type highlighted in bold.

Mark Johnston, concept: personites and ontological trash

Paper: Personites, Maximality And Ontological Trash

Open Lifespan post: Reading Mark Johnston: the problem of leftover, future personites and open lifespan

Lisa Bortolotti, argument: default counterargument against the so called ‘anti-agency objection’ against life extension

Paper: Agency, Life Extension, and the Meaning of Life

Open Lifespan post: Open lifespan as a coherent life plan enables super-agency

Timothy Morton, concept: hyperobjects

Book: Hyperobjects

Open Lifespan post: Individual Open Lifespan Trajectories as hyperobjects

Thomas Nagel, principle: life’s default positivity

Essay: Death

Open Lifespan posts: Daily Effort: Thomas Nagel and the principle of life’s default positivity, first take

Thomas Nagel and the familiar inner experience of Open Lifespan

Daily Effort: Why coma is not a good fit for first-person, moral thought experiments?

Jens Bartelson, concept: world community


Book: Visions of World Community

Open Lifespan Post: The concept and reality of a Longevity World Community, reading Jens Bartelson

John Rawls, thought experiment: original position, veil of ignorance

Book: Theory of Justice

Open Lifespan post: Open Lifespan and knowing our age in Rawls’s Original Position